Monday, April 26


We have to enter a photo of a person smiling this week for the i heart faces challenge, and I just have to enter this one of D-man.

He's got a bump on his forehead (part of the perils of learning to stand and trying to walk... poor baby), a bad cold, he's teething, and yet he STILL manages to give Mommy a smile for his 8 month birthday. I'm proud of my tough, smiley little guy.

Go see more smiles!


  1. Aww! :D

    I *heart* that one. :) He's too cute!

    I hope you can get yours linked - it won't let me link mine. :/

  2. It won't let me link, either! :P

    I'm hoping later on today it will work.

    I really like being able to see all the little pictures, but I think the old mr linky is more reliable.

  3. Very cute!!

    Great picture.

    I'm going to try to enter one tonight, so if ya'll figure out how to link it, let me know. Please.

  4. aren't they just the greatest at this age? great photo!

  5. precious pic! i love how "real" it is, ouchies and all.

  6. Love that you didn't 'correct' his ouchie. Such a flirt he is.

  7. What a sweet photo and smile.


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