Wednesday, June 25

It's Tyler's birthday!!!

I'm so excited.

I'm more excited than he is, for goodness sake. He doesn't get too worked up over his birthday, seeing how he's had to work every birthday of his for the past nine years. To him, it's just another day.

But not to meeeee!!!

I LOVE birthdays. I always have. I'm going to be the one that makes birthdays special and fun in our house for our kids someday. Tyler will be the old grouch, I'll be the young, fun, vivacious mom that makes tonnes and tonnes of awesome super birthday memories.

Hoh yeah!

Anyways, my sweet hubby is 26 today. And I'm only 21. Be sure to make fun of him next time you see him.

Oh no he dropped the car keys! Oooooopsies.


  1. BTW - nice butt. Aunt Maggie would die. ;)

  2. Happy birthday, Tyler! :D

    I knew it was your birthday. I have it on my calendar and everything.

    Only 4 more years till you're 30.

    Your welcome. :P

    P.S. SARAH! In FOUR MORE YEARS your hubby will be 30!! 30!! hahahaahahaahahaaaa!!!! :P

  3. Yes, Happy Birthday Tyler.

    I wish I had been there to give you a wallop in your behind with mah big booted foot. THAT would have been funny. I would have laughed.

    Sarah - your husband is so old! He might as well be thirty! >:} We're so evil.

  4. Tyler wants to know how old you are, Adeena.

    Let's see... I'm 22 this year, you're 11 years older than meee.... 22 + 11 = ..... 33?


    Yeah, I know, Tyler is old. :D

  5. What, WHat, WHAt, WHAT???!!!

    Only a half-moon?

    I guess ya' gotta' be 30 to do it right...

  6. Not 33 yet.

    I'm supposed to be over 30. I have been married almost 11 years, and I have 4(+2) children. :P

    Tyler is married to a 'pretty young thing' .. and he's going to be 30. In just 4 years.


  7. Well, I KNOW he had a happy birthday, because I dropped in to see Sarah rushing around with last minute preparations and a goofy grin on her face. Plus, I know what he got for his present...Anybody want to borrow the first season of Third Watch? (grin)

    Anyway, Tyler, Happy Birthday. And nearly 30's not so bad. Ask Wayne. (snicker)

  8. Well, I hope that's not ALL he got for his birthday...

    {nudge, nudge, wink, wink}


    Reddi-Whip and chocolate sauce anyone? muaahahahaaha...

  9. Yes, you're right Adeena... my husband is very, very old. I never did dispute that, now did I? :)

    No one needs to know what else he got for his birthday. It did involve chocolate, and whipped cream. And strawberries. And m&ms.


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