Wednesday, June 18

Anyone for a Witch Hunt?

Because I have GOT to find the witch that has hexed me. It vexes me, how the same thing keeps happening to me over and over. I'm terribly vexed.

I suppose I did it to myself by being too happy about starting exercising again. I was all pumped up, you know, full of enthusiasm and cheer.... Yes, far too happy. Just remember children, be miserable about everything, then no evil thing will take away what you are most happy about. They'll just assume they already finished working on you, and will pass you by for that guy who whistles when he pumps gas. What a weirdo.

My knee got hurt again yesterday. I was feeding sows at work, and there was one meeeean sow who decided that she should push on her feeder really hard just as I was putting it back in. The corner of the feeder struck me on the right side of my knee, very close to my kneecap.

I am a Christian, and I do try not to, but sometimes I swear. It's true. It's a vice that I hate to have, but it's there. No point lying about it, because then I'd be a swearer and a liar. The point is, I swore at that moment. It REAAALLY hurt. Just imagine someone very strong taking a pointy piece of metal and ramming it into your knee as hard as they could. Now wince, with that little sucking in of air that everyone does when they see or imagine something painful. "Oooooooh! Sccchhhhhhh!"

I really shouldn't have said anything about not wanting to be called Hobbles in my last post, because.... I'm Hobbles again. All day today at work it was "Hobbles" this and "Hobbles" that.... terribly irritating. I should've stayed home like I COULD have, with my foot up and ice on my knee. That'd show them. I'm a Fenton now, though, and that means I have to be as stubborn as a mule and soldier on through any injury no matter how grievous. There's money to be made! C'mon!

Anyways, I haven't exercised at all since Monday, and I'm very pouty about it. Hopefully the stupid bruise on my knee will go away soon so I can get back in my new fitness groove. I'm using Arnica gel on it, which helps immensely, but nothing ever heals quite as quickly as you'd like it to.

Well, at least my husband babies me once we get home. He's making supper, he made me tea, and he's going to do the dishes. Aww.... my sweetie.


  1. Sarah, Sarah, Sarah. The Fenton's do know that they can't take it with them, right? :P I hope your knee heals quickly. Do you at least have this weekend off?

    Instead of waiting to start your exercise program, you could look at and give some of the arms exercises a try. There's even a sitting-down one! :)

    I think now is a good time for you do research interval training, too. If you alternated sprinting and walking during your 30 min with Brady that would be perfect. And you would be hawt. ;)

  2. My darling daughter, there is no witch involved. Trials come from the Hand of God, don't ya know... and we are blessed when we endure them with faith.

    So, dear heart, take joy in the fact that God is in control of even the nasty sow that hurt you. This trial gives you the opportunity to do all things without murmuring and complaining, even when it is difficult. And it gives your dear husband the opportunity to serve his darling wife with joy.

    All good. Even this.

    Mom, who gets a kick out of the weird words we have to type to leave comments. Mine, today, is yedjdvj - doesn't that sound Yiddish?

  3. Of course, it's easier to blame it on a witch than to accept that what comes to us is from God Himself, and we ought to therefore accept it without complaining.

    Boy, it's a good thing we don't know anybody who has got a wart, and weighs the same as a duck.

    My word is vniymkwt. Does that not seem like a lot to type???

  4. Eve was looking for a "witch" (the devil made me do it...) Adam just blamed God (the woman YOU gave me...) The pig has no gender bias, it just wants to be fed, and you, Sarah, were fooling around with its food dish. "Feed me or I'll push the pointy end into you!" Almost like Antonio what's-his-face's line in the first Zorro - "The pointy end goes into the other guy..." Hmmmmm, talk about pig aspirations!


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