Sunday, June 22

Happy Birthday Linda!

Well... yesterday.

It's not my fault I didn't post on her actual birthday! We went grocery shopping yesterday, and while we were in S, a MAJOR storm came up out of the West-ish horizon. There was hail, wind, lightning... we ran out of Zehrs, getting pelted by icy pellets and soaked through to the skin by the rain. I was very cold.

When we got home, I put away the groceries and made supper, and by the time I had any time to go on the computer, the storm had arrived. So the computer stayed off.

Then I went to bed. So, Linda's birthday post is a day late.

She is very angry about it, I'm sure.

She's 20 and one day! Hurray!

Love ya Lin.



    Best. Picture. Ever.


  2. Hehehe! I know! I gave her a copy of it. The other one I'm keeping for me! All for Sarah, all for Sarah!!


  3. Where was it taken? And WHAT did you black out beside her face?!??

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  4. I do look angry, don't I?

    But I'm not, since I am commenting a day late. So, what can we do? *Sigh*

    Love ya too. Thanks for showing the world my evil side. >:}

  5. Hndqwep! Your moniter settings must be different from mine, because it's all black to me, darling. That picture was taken at Kate's birthday party, and one of the guests was in the background making a silly face, so I just went on and cut him out, but I guess it shows up on other peoples moniters. Lousy technology.

    Bwehehehe, Linda, you only have an evil side. What other side is there? I haven't seen it. >:D


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