Thursday, June 5

Ewww, eww eww!

I am not a wuss.

BUT, I hate it when bugs crawl on me.

I mean, I don't go crawling all over them! I respect their personal space! I don't invade their bubble, and make them feel all squeamish or make their skin crawl! Okay, they don't have skin, they have exoskeletons... but still!

I got bitten by an anonymous bug today. I don't know what type of bug it was, but it was a type that is capable of biting more than once. I have two bites on my neck, one on my arm, a couple on my back.... I am not very impressed.

Every since I came home from work, I have been having phantom "bug crawling" feelings on my body. I feel itchy on my head, or on my belly, or on my back, and yet when I get Tyler to look, there is no bug. Stupid psyche.

But I'm not all crazy! I was doing up the dishes, and felt a crawl on my arm. I looked, and there was a bug! I squished it, because I thought it was a spider, and then I realized it was an ant. I felt a little sorry for it, but only a little. It invaded my personal space. It had to pay the price.

Brady ate it when it fell on the floor, too. Gross.

On to a completely different topic, Happy Birthday Ava! One year old! So cute!


  1. Wuss! :)

    Actually, I don't think there are very many people who don't mind bugs on their bodies. Beekeepers, maybe. But really, bugs are not meant to be on skin.

    So, you're not such a wuss, after all.

    Love, Mom

  2. Jeff got into his car last night to go to work... and there was a June bug in it.

    How did it get there?!?? Seriously!!

    I finally broke down last night and got out the bug spray. We were being eaten alive. I am very scratchy today. ;)

  3. Update: I now have a bug bite on the back of my knee, and on my bum! They are bigger bites, I wonder if it was a bigger bug? Little buggers.

    Gross! June bugs! We had SWARMS of them flying around our porch every night last week. There were so many, Tyler actually stood at the door and said "Holy crap!" He was even squeamish about going out there! Tyler! He's not afraid of any bugs.

    A few of them got into our house. I found a dead one under my couch when I was spring cleaning. Eeew, eww eww.


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