Friday, June 6


That is the word of the day, folks. At least for me. If you live in, say, Nunavut, then your word is likely "cold".

I'm not sure I like these very hot summer days. I drank probably 5 litres of water today, trying to replenish what was leaking out of my pores. I've heard a quote that claims that women don't sweat, they glisten. I am here to tell you that is a LIE.

Oh, we sweat. We sweat HUGE.

At least, I do.

I broke out my trusty bandanna today! I wear one in the barn in the summertime, just to stop the torrent of salty wetness from running into my eyeballs. That stings, you know. So now I look like an Aunt Jemima wannabe (at least, Aunt Jemima before the nay-sayers made her take off her righteous bandanna.... with that red bandanna, she was a babe. Now she's just some lady on a syrup bottle.) Only, mine is pink.

How did you spend your hottest day of the year so far? I worked, then came home, and worked some more! I did all my chores that I usually save for weekends, because I'm going to a birthday party tomorrow, and I didn't want to wash my floor or anything on Sunday. Tyler mowed the lawn, so instead of sitting around being all lonely and such I did my dishes, vacuumed and washed my floors, cleaned my bathroom, and put away all my clothes! Plus I moved the bed and vacuumed under it. HUGE dust bunnies under there. Wow.

Then I had a shower, ate a yummy barbecued dinner, and watched TV for a while. Tyler put in the movie "DOOM", which I think is scary, so that is why I'm in here writing a blog instead of sitting in the living room.

Oh, by the way, don't ever wear a skirt outside on a windy day if you live on a busy highway. I totally had a "Marilyn Monroe" moment.... and I wasn't nearly quite so happy and flirtatious about it. It was more like a AHCK NO HOLY @&$#!!!! reaction.

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  1. Haha, nice. That's why I don't wear skirts that are made of light fabric and are short in length all at the same time. Bring on the long skirts, even in the sweltering heat! I'll be nearly dying of heat stroke anyway. I am every night.

    HA! I have my fan on and nobody complains anymore!


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