Wednesday, June 11

Tyler and the dogs and I went to see my little brother play soccer tonight. It's always fun watching kids play sports, because they are so very uncoordinated. They go to kick or hit the ball, and end up throwing the ball at the coach's head, or kicking their teammate, or whatever.

I want to take Brady more places where there are people, because she doesn't get to go see strangers very much, and when she does see them, she gets really excited. She looooves people, and wants to see and greet them all. Which means that I have to have a good grip on her leash so she doesn't get away. If she saw strangers more often, it wouldn't be such a thrill for her, so she would behave better. At least, that is my theory.

Tyler has about six mosquito bites, and I have two on my ankle. That sucks. I probably smucked about ten of them, but two (or an eager one) got through my defenses. Little stinker.

No ants in my house today! They're all going to say "Goodbye, world!" tomorrow, when the Anterminator comes to visit. Bwahahaa. Those six anthills outside are going to be toast.

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