Friday, June 20

Even with a sore knee, I still kick butt!

I mowed the lawn today after Tyler got home. Well, I mowed most of the lawn. Tyler started it for me, he went around all the scary parts, like the circumference of trees and the ditch... but I did the rest!

Tyler manned the weedwhacker and did everything that the lawn mower couldn't get to.

It was fun. I've never driven a riding lawn mower before. My brother Matt always did it when I was young, and when Matt moved out, Daniel took over that job. I just never had the opportunity.

I was feeling hesitant as I climbed aboard the noisy, shaky, smelly machine, but once the first big jerk into motion was past, I got the hang of it.

After is was done we came inside and enjoyed the yummy supper that I had put in the oven around noon. I made rib eye steaks, soaked in pineapple juice, with cinnamon and garlic spice on top, surrounded by baby carrots and slices of yam. To add some sweet savoury goodness, I cut up a couple apples and tucked them in around the meat. I threw it all in the oven to bake slowly at 300 degrees all day.


I was going to make stir-fried cauliflower to go with it, but since we only got the yard done at 7:00, I opted to boil some corn instead. Oh well.

By the way, just for your information, riding on a shaky lawn mower for a few hours is actually an awesome massage for your butt. I got off and was like, "Yeaaahh."


  1. Sounds delicious.

    I had chicken soup. Then I cleaned up Michael barf. Yay.

    xlnnrzau. You heard me. :P

  2. Heather and I drove home just in time to see you on the lawn mower, and Tyler weed-whacking! We honked, numerous times, but you had those cute ear protectors on, and didn't even notice.

    But we DID honk. We would have stopped, if it weren't for the sheer exhaustion of helping Donna move, plus the fact that it was Steve's birthday and Heather wanted to get her kids and get home.

    Adeena, Michael is barfing? What's up?

    pryyoj - sounds a bit joyful, don't you think?

    Love, Mom

  3. My word's the coolest. Mvnreyza. Hoo yeah.

    Yummy food description. We had something that I can't remember what it was right now! But I think it was good. I mean, it filled us up at least. And that's always good.

  4. I'm only commenting again because the word is yfyygsm. ;)

    Sounds delightful. {evil cackle}

    Michael (and Becky) are barfing because they went to Grandpa & Grandma's house while I went to the doctor. G&G = wheat. :(


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