Thursday, June 12

The Ant-Terminator

He is a funny man. Oldish, with really bad teeth, but nice eyes.

He and his apprentice came to our house today while we were at work. They found EIGHT anthills around our property, probably spinoffs from the one MOTHER anthill that is located between our Weird Trees. Tyler didn't know there were that many, he only found four when he looked.

This, by the way, is one of my Weird Trees. I'll write about them, soon.

The Ant-Terminators didn't negotiate. They did not try to bargain, they did not even attempt to ask the ants to move along. They just put the tube down and blasted them. After seeing the hundreds and hundreds of ants in my kitchen cupboard, I don't think I care about their lack of diplomacy.

After they performed their cruel (but definitely necessary) task, the oldish guy with bad teeth came in to my kitchen to get a cheque. I apparently made quite an impression when I gave him directions to my house yesterday on the phone, because he proceeded to tell me what a nice voice I had, so clear and pretty. He said my voice matched my face, that I was a very pretty woman.

I didn't blush as much as you might think. Working in a bakery when I was 17-18 years old, serving coffee and donuts and lunchtime stuff to oldish men, I heard a lot of compliments about my looks. Some of them more tasteful than others, of course. I learned how to accept a compliment without turning red.

Now Tyler and I have to carry our dogs outside to the dog yard for them to pee, because the ant hills are everywhere, and until a few days have passed, it's safest for them to stay away. I carried Brady the first couple of times, then I told Tyler that he should let me carry the little one. He grunted when he lifted Brady up, she's getting so big!

Hopefully we've seen the last of those ants. I bought myself a new jar of honey, and it's sitting in it's usual place.... I hope free of ant invasions.


  1. Yay for Ant-free honey!

    Mom gets the honey with the screw-cap, anyway, so there's no spillage. At least, no spillage for those of us who know how to handle a honey jar with a screw-cap.

  2. I think you're pretty sexy myself, and I ain't no old man.
    I had 3 show up,(DOUBLE EWW)
    they scouted, and left. Dire, Dreery, Nothingness here...

  3. Did they get the carpenter ants, too? Glad they terminated them. :)


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