Monday, June 16

A new day

My legs are a little bit sore right now.

I started my new exercise schedule today! Tyler and I went biking for half an hour, and then I went for a walk with Brady while he did yard work.

Tyler and I both have come to the realization that we aren't active enough. We have very physical jobs, yes, working in a pig barn, but nothing we do at work gets our heart beating fast (except for weaning... you try to catch hundreds of 20 lb squealing monsters in twenty minutes or less without getting a little out of breath!!). We want to be healthy and conscious of how we treat our bodies, because they are the only bodies we have! We want to be able to run around, chasing after our kids someday, without having heart attacks or strokes.

I, being a girl, am a bit concious of how I look as well. I maintain my weight really well just working in the pig barn, but I have jibbly bits and flabby areas that I don't like on myself. I'd like to look as muscular as I feel, if that makes any sense at all.

So, I bought a new pair of running shoes. Yes, I did. I'm going to start running. I started today, running with Brady for about a minute before I had to stop. I'm just beginning, so of course I'm not very strong yet, but if I am determined enough I will be able to run for 30 minutes straight in a month or two. I'm taking it slow, because my knees are stupid, and I don't want to be called Hobbles again by my mean brother-in-law.

It was actually very relaxing. After we were done, I wandered around the yard for a while, picking wild flowers and just enjoying the fresh air. I had a whole bouquet of beautiful blooms by the time I came inside, and if I turn slightly to the right, I can see them gracing the vase on my table.

I feel a bit sore, but not exhausted. I could go do it again if I wanted to. Which, I don't. I'm going to have a cup of white tea, then I'm going to go to bed.


  1. Instead of running for 30 minutes straight, check out PACE. You can read about it on I gave mom a copy - borrow it from her. Better results, much less work! :)

    I've started Tabata - listen to it here:'s.mp3


  2. I want to be able to do the really fast sprint in order to get away thing. I think it's better than running for a long time, which they've actually begun to realize isn't quite as good for you as people think - especially for weekend warriors.

    But, good for you, Sarah! I know exactly what you mean. I want my heart and lungs to be as healthy as my muscles. And brain. Yeheee.


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