Friday, June 20

Waste not!

I am feeling very ashamed right now. Because, I just cleaned out my fridge.

I'm not ashamed that I cleaned it, it's what I found when I cleaned it that's making me cringe. Old, yucky carrots. A container with some leftover canned pineapple that had gone mouldy. Limp celery.

When food goes to waste, I feel awful. I am privileged to live in a country where there is a grocery store in every town, with as much food as you can imagine to select from. Also, I have the means to buy it. I am very blessed. I do not want to squander it, and buy too much for my husband and I to consume. It's almost sinful, I believe.

So I have made a decision. I am not going to buy beyond what Tyler and I can eat. Unless I have a specific meal planned for that particular fresh vegetable or fruit, I won't buy it. I don't want to be pulling mouldy or spoiled food out of my fridge any more.

There is a greenhouse on the same road that the farm Tyler and I work in is located. The man who owns that greenhouse also drives one of the trucks for the farm. I'm going to ask him whether he grows fresh vegetables, or just flowers. If he does have vegetables, I'm going to buy produce from him as long as they're in season. That way, if I want some lettuce or tomatos or whatever on a certain day, I can stop and get it on my way home.

Someday Tyler and I will have a family to feed, and I will have to be even more careful about how I plan our menu. Better to start now, and have some idea what I'm doing, than to all the sudden have a panic moment a few years from now.

Maybe someday I'll have a vegetable garden. My older sisters and their husbands have beautiful gardens, and I do mean beautiful. Also my mom, and my father-in-law have gardens that just POP with abundance. When I feel the need to, I'll dig my hands into the soil and, with God's blessing, have home-grown fresh produce to feed my family with. Until that day comes, I'm happy letting someone else do the work for me. I'll pay them for it.


  1. See, that's why you need a garden. Old, gross, forgotten stuff goes right into the compost! Then, it's used to grow more stuff. So, you'll eat it eventually. ;)

    You should at least get a tomato plant. You could put it in a container on your front porch. Mmmm... fresh tomatoes! :D

    Good new name, btw.

  2. Since when have you been a blood relation to your Aunt S.???

    Green soft things aren't so bad in your fridge - at least you were still able to identify the individual items!

    To really qualify to Aunt S's level, you have to be unable to identify what said slime was to begin with.

    So, get with the program, eh? My word to use is "ghglu". now THAT is a better description than green stuff...


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