Monday, June 9

Ants in my pants!


Remember how in my "Eww eww eww" all-about-bugs post, I said there was an ant crawling on my arm when I was doing dishes, and I squished him?

As it turns out, Hiraldo the Ant has a whole lot of cousins. Angry cousins.

Tyler and I came home from work today as usual, and since it was rather late I went to get supper ready.

And saw ants.

MANY ants. Scurrying around on my countertop.

"TYLLLLER!! There's HUNDREDS of ants in here!!!"

I can actually yell pretty loud, you know. I've forgotten that since I moved out of my parent's house and didn't have any siblings to yell at anymore.

I squealed and screeched and squirmed as I smashed and schmucked and smooshed the many many ants all on my countertop. And then, I made the mistake of opening my tea/coffee cupboard. THERE WERE MORE.

Their objective? To steal my honey! There were at least a hundred of them crowded all around my honey, some climbing on top of it, trying to salvage whatever few drippings were on the lid.

Little buggers.

I, of course, nearly fainted when I saw how many there were in the cupboard, but I didn't! I grabbed the RAID, and I laid the SMACKDOWN on their CANDY ASHES!!! HAAAA!!!

Then Tyler and I ran away to the hardware store to get some backup. We got ant killer, and some pest control perimeter thingie that we saw advertised on TV (apparently it has a good reputation for actually working, or so the hardware store lady said).

Armed to the teeth, we came home to do battle. Tyler took the bug spray stuff and went all around the house, while I cleaned off the counter and washed out my cupboard and vacuumed up hundreds of ant bodies. Writhing, wriggling ant bodies. Bwhahehehe.

So now, at 7:00, we are finally getting supper ready. We be hungry.


  1. Ants are annoying. I'm afraid to say in writing that we haven't had any this year, cause you know now I'll get them. :P And I'll blame you. For making me type it.

    We usually get the teeny, tiny, itty, bitty, can't-really-see-them ants that come out from under my kitchen baseboard and march in a line to the dog food. They step all over the dog food with their teeny, tiny, itty, bitty, not-really-there feet. At least a couple hundred of them. That's at least 1200 feet.


    {btw - I have to type ramrar. Awesome.}

  2. Haha! I have to type "Vaoda"! It sounds like some kind of Viking war cry. I think. I mean, I don't really know how it sounds.

    The little kind of ants are crawling through my keyboard as I type! Isn't that fun! I might be squishing some of them, and frankly I did squish a few when they dared to poke their cute itsy bitsy little heads out. But I squished them quickly, so no pain and no writhing and no twitching legs. 'sall good.

  3. Gross. That would creep me out to have little tiny ants crawling in my keyboard under my fingertips. I would make a face like this


    I haven't seen any ants trying to get our dog food yet, I don't think they're interested in it. They were hungry for sweets. I had to throw away the little bit of honey that I had left, dangit! Because it got Raided.



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