Tuesday, July 1

This is waaay overdue.....

I should have posted this a month or two ago, but other things struck my mind at that time, so it kept on getting pushed back. Oh well.

Brady used to sleep in a medium sized green kennel, which was HUGE for her when she was a puppy. Here she is, beside Lucy's kennel, which was only a little bit smaller than hers. (I don't have a picture of her in her green kennel... gasp! How terrible of me.)

Is she not just SOOO cute????

Anyways, time passed, and she got bigger. She had to duck her head and huddle down to get in and out of the green kennel, and when her tail started to form a permanent crimp in it, we decided she needed an upgrade.


She LOVED her new kennel. She was absolutely enthralled with it. She kept on walking in and out of it while Tyler put it together. After I took this picture, she sssttreetched out as far as she could go, and gave me a big doggy smile.

Of course, this isn't the end of the story.

Later that night, Tyler said something that made me very upset. Something like, I'm violent and unstable and fly off the handle too much. The nerve of him.

I got him back, though.

That's right. He's in the doghouse.

I let him out... eventually.


  1. You always, ALWAYS do things when I am not there and therefore unable to point and laugh.


  2. You never, NEVER come visit me!

    So there!



    {breathe, breathe...}

    Okay... okay... I think I'm done...


    {snort... laugh... choke..}


  4. Dude. It's been three days. Let him out already!!

    And write a new post!

  5. I'm with Linda. New Post. I can't keep coming back to see Poor Tyler stuck in a box.

    C'mon, Sarah-Say. SOMETHING must have happened in the last few days.



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