Saturday, July 26

Elena & Tiana

Elena & Tiana came over to spend the weekend with Tyler and I. It was part of our birthday present to Tiana, who turned 12 last week. The other part was that I would take pictures of her and Elena, and get them developed for the two of them. Here's a few of the very best that I took today.




Elena & Tiana with little princess Lucy.

The two girls, all shiny and pretty!


  1. Pretty, pretty girls.

    Tiana is definitely a Billson. She looks like Aunt Betty in that bottom picture!

  2. I think Tiana looks a bit like Heather in that last picture too.

    How did she get so grown up looking? What happened to her pixie up-turned nose?

    And Elena looks like Mom.

    Sarah, I want some of these pictures for my blog. I'ma fill up my blog with family pics.

  3. They do clean up really pretty. How did they get to be so grown up ????? *sob*


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