Tuesday, July 8

I get to paint my back room soon!!

Yippee, Yippee!!!

My husband is working away mudding our back room, with quiet determination. Yes. Because, to properly mud a room, any room, you need to be studious, methodical, and you must never give up. If you do, your wife will never get to paint it. And that is what she is SO looking forward to.

I can't wait to get the dryer out of my kitchen, into the space it belongs in. It's funny how things get out of order when you renovate. One room gets torn apart, so they all get messed up.

It's going to look so good when it's done!! After we're done the back room, all that's left to renovate are the last two bedrooms upstairs. Then we are DONE.

Until I decide I want to paint our living room an icy, pale green instead of pumpkin brown. Which may be soon. I don't know yet.

I think the green would look fabulous with the dark stain of the woodwork in there.....

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