Sunday, July 13

Roofing our Back Room

Tyler is very happy about getting the steel roof put up on our back room.
His mom and dad are here to help us.

But trouble is a-brewin'.

Those rain clouds look meaaan.

I'm helping out by keeping the ladder secure. My posterior is earning its keep, today!
(Don't I look super awesome in my sandals, shorts, winter coat, and sunglasses?)

Tyler and his Dad work furiously to beat the storm.

Almost done! Just need to put the piece on that fits snug against the wall, to keep the rain from running down into the house.

There! Doug supervises as Tyler drills in the last piece.

Done, with lots of time to spare before the storm hits.


  1. Hurray! Nice roof.

    And, nice legs, btw. ;)

  2. Yay for roofs (rooves? LOL)...a roof that keeps the house free of leakage. Alright!

    My word to type in is iksoc. I think that's what I say whenever I have to straighten out work socks that have to be washed. Just guessin'.


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