Saturday, January 29

One of many reasons why I am a rotter.

I'm quitting the picture a day thing.

Boooooooooooooooooooo! I know.

I just do not have the focus for it, people! I have so many hobbies and varied interests, and so little time.

Besides, the pressure to do the picture a day thing is killing my regular blog posts. I don't have a picture, so I don't post. Nobody wants that.... I think? ....Because if you vote "yes" on 'we don't want Sarah to blog anymore', then I'll just have to take my ball and go home.... So to speak.

Ah, just kidding. I don't care if you beg me, I won't stop blogging! Actually, if you beg me to stop, that will probably make me want to blog more. 


My baby boy is funny.

Here's why......

I feed him in his diaper, because he never ever ever ever eats without smearing it everywhere.  I hate doing laundry. I'd rather bath a messy baby than scrub stains out of a shirt.

He's very fussy.

Today, he would not eat pizza, because it took too long getting to the table. Pizza!

In other news, I am never cutting his hair.  At least, not until Ty forces me to. Or until he's two.  Why you ask? Because it's Rock Star hair, that's why.

D-man turned the computer off on me, that's why it took me so long to finish this blog post. Not that you knew it, but I started this at 6:32. Then mah baby turned the computer off, so I scolded him, and he burst into tears, so I consoled him, and then we played tag for a while and then I made him supper, and then we were watching the All-Star skills competition and I got distracted, and then I put a load of laundry into the washer, and then I came back to the computer.

And now I'm done.


  1. Funny...

    I've started stripping him down to feed him too.

    Ya shoulda told me earlier....

  2. Two is too close. Just trim his bangs a little.... I love his hair.

    I strip my babies too. Way way easier clean-up.

    Welcome to the dark side of not committing to a thing. :D

  3. I'd take picture-whenever-she-picks-up-her-camera. ;) Cause I'm going through Ducky withdrawal.

    The second pic *kills* me!! :D I heart his crazy hair.

    I've *tried* stripping Hannah... but she hates it. Cries and cries. Sigh. So I scrub. And toss. ;)

  4. @ Heather: Yeah, I should have! I just didn't think of it. :/

    @ Rachel: Never! I can't trim his bangs, because then the rest of his hair will need a trim. Because everything needs to match. So, no. :P

    @ Adeena: Aww poor Hannah! Deklan loves to be naked. If I let him, he'd be naked all day, it doesn't matter how cold it is. He likes to be free and breezy. :)

  5. I'll show you how to trim, without making it obvious he had a trim. I can do that.

    Really. ;)

  6. ok why do i love ur kid and i don't even know you? maybe because these pictures remind me of MY youngest two boys. holy crap. this makes me feel at home. haha!


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