Sunday, January 9

January 9th

This is picture number 2 in my project 358. ;)

I was checking my email on the computer when I realized that everything outside was covered in frost. That is my great big century old chestnut tree (that I LOVE), and I thought it looked interesting from inside the house.

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....seee? I told you no more scary eyebrow pictures. You thought I was joshing, but I was serious! :)


  1. Nice!!

    There wasn't any frost here that I noticed. ;)

  2. The world was a winter wonderland here this morning. We just were too anxious to notice much of it. But now that we know Heather's finger is on the mend, we can rejoice!

    That is a nice perspective, Sarah. It's good to see frosty trees from INSIDE a warm house.

  3. It was super darn cold.

    Glad I have a warm house. :)

  4. ack ^ what happened to Heathers's finger?!?

    The window laced with frost with the crooked fingers of the chestnut tree make for a pretty interesting picture. I like!


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