Saturday, January 15

It's Saturday!

I don't have a lot of time!

Someone is coming to see our house this afternoon -Yay!- and so I have to frantically clean everything in my home until I collapse in an exhausted heap on the floor only to pick myself up, shower, shave, and style my person so I can go to town and go shopping! Woooooooooo. (for groceries. boooooo.)

In other words, I don't have a lot of time to be on the computer today.

So, I will just share this link with you, because I have wasted 20 minutes of precious precious time perusing her site and laughing hysterically:

Go there and laugh and laugh, especially if you are someone who has ever been pregnant, but even if you're not. 

Next topic! Quickly!

My dog threw up on the kitchen floor this morning. It was not cool. I let her know just how not cool it was by yelling and crying and having a tantrum, because I HATE barf (HAAAATE) and Tyler isn't home (he's usually -and by usually I mean always- the one who cleans up any and all barf) and since I'm cleaning the house for the strangers that will be coming to inspect and judge it, it really wasn't a good time for her to be puking her guts out everywhere. Seriously.

But now I feel bad because I yelled at her and she didn't really mean to hurl, although she could have barfed outdoors because she was outside for 10 minutes before coming into the house, running into the kitchen, and vomiting all over my floor. Sigh.

So I'm a mess. A weepy, giggly, gaggy and crying and frantic mess.

Later on I'll have to post the rest of my pictures for this week, and link up at Naptime Momtog! But I don't have time right now!!!

Gotta run,

---------------------------------------- < that's me running. :)


The showing was canceled for today, due to adverse weather conditions.  They want to come next Tuesday instead, so cross your fingers, people! :)


  1. Sorry about the dog barf {shudder} and hope you get everything done in time to relax for 5.2 seconds before you have to leave!!

    And I hope those people love the house. ;)

  2. Well, maybe it was good that inclement weather stopped the viewing of the house. That way, Brady can stop her barfin' and you can make Tyler THOROUGHLY wash all floors with a trace of dog-barf. The house will smell better, and the people will be delighted with it.

    That's my prediction, anyway.



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