Saturday, January 15

Project 365, week 2

(Although it's Week One for me because I didn't join in until my big sister bullied me in to it.)

Day 8: My scary eyebrows. You're welcome. 

Day 9: The big old chestnut tree outside my window, covered in frost! 

Day 10: Who doesn't love hot chocolate? Especially a mug of hot chocolate that loves you back! :)

Day 11: Salt & a mirror. 

Day 12: Ty's scary feet. You're welcome.

Day 13: A spotty baby piggy! Awww!

Day 14: My baby, asleep on his Daddy's chair! Awwhaww!

I must say, this project really has me motivated to pick up my camera every day! Which I guess is the point.... so I say, hurrah! 

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  1. Great week of photos! Now I want to go make some hot chocolate!

  2. Great photos. Love your hot chocolate photo. Glad you are benefiting from it already. :D

  3. Baby piggy: Awwwwwwwww!!!!

    Baby Ducky: Awwwhawwwhawwwww!!!

    Feet: Ewwwww. :P

    Salt: Awesome. :)

  4. Great shots! Love the little piglet. Awww...

  5. I love the heart in the middle of the chocolate!!

    All nice photos... sort of.

  6. Yum hot chocolate, I could use some right now!! Great photos, I love your collage.


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