Tuesday, February 1

I ♥ Faces - Best Face of Jan. 2011

Yeah, I forgot the linky was only open on Monday.

*pours ashes on head and sits wearing sackcloth


Well, because I love you, I'm going to share my best face photo of January 2011 with you, and not the community over at I ♥ Faces.  And they are missing out.

I just love everything about this picture, taken January 5th 2011. I love his sweet smile, I love how his hat frames his face, I love it love it love it! This is a picture I'll likely develop and hang on the wall. :)

You could go to i heart faces, and check out all the pictures, but don't go to join in because like me, you are toooooo late.


  1. Awww... Too bad you missed it!!

    This is definitely one of my *favs* of Ducky. I heart it a LOT. :D You must hang it. Yes, you must.

  2. Awww too bad but this face is adorable!

  3. That should be framed for all to see.

  4. Yep, yep, yep.

    Beautiful shot in every way.


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