Wednesday, February 16

17 months, one month too late.

I didn't take his 17 month pictures today. That would be terrible of me, since today is my son's 18 month birthday.

No, no no.... I took his 17 month pictures quite a while ago, but have so far neglected to put them on my blog because... ah I'm not going to give some paltry attempt at an explanation, I'll just say I've neglected it, and it's time to make it right. 

So here you go.

 (This is his "fake smile" face, which he has been using more and more lately..... It's that pesky Matt Disease, his maternal genes are showing! Ack! Actually, his paternal side has Wayne Disease, so I guess he's euchred either way.)

There's a real smile!!! :)

I don't know where the whole "tongue sticking out" thing comes from.... although he does bear an uncanny resemblance to his Auntie Elena in this picture. ELENA! What have you been teaching my son!!!!! >:[ (pretend mad face, ya'll... i really can't complain if others teach my baby boy bad habits, because i've spent almost half my life instilling bad habits in my nephews, nieces, and little bros and sisters. so technically i deserve it.)

This is his "why aren't you playing trucks with me instead of taking pictures of me with that silly ol' camera?"face. And I couldn't come up with a good enough reason, so I put the camera down and played trucks. It's more fun.

Tomorrow I'll post his 18 month pictures. I know, I know..... you don't have to tell me. Mom blogger/photographer of the year, I am NOT. ;)

His 17th month whizzed by, he's 18 months old already, and I'm all like ":-o" over it all. He's had a rough week so far, he has a super bad bum rash (methinks he might have snagged one of his cousin's wheat-y snacks at Grandma's on Monday, because his bum is blistered... youcha) and he's been a bit clingy, but that's okay. I can handle having extra cuddles and hugs and kisses, really. :) 

I'll tell you more about him tomorrow for his 18 month pictures. Because I haven't eaten supper yet and I'm all out of steam tonight, folks. 

(There, Linda! ;) )



  1. His is adorable...

    And you're working outside the home.. it makes a difference in the time you have to do other things.

    And I'm sure Ducky would rather you play trucks than blog.

  2. Yeah... he doesn't like it when I'm on the computer. And also, somehow he remembers when I used to nurse him at the computer, so now he always always tries to pull down my shirt and get at mah boobiz when I'm sitting on my computer chair. Bwahahaha.

    So yes, he interrupts me. A lot! ;)

    But that's okay, I have lots of hobbies, blogging is one of them, and I do it whenever I have the time.

  3. YAY!! :D I was having Ducky withdrawal. I almost replied to Linda's comment. ;)

    Ouchy, blistered bums are not fun. :(

    But his faces/hair/tongue slay me. XD

  4. Oh, and also...

    18 MONTHS?!???

    *dies a little*

  5. I love his face, and your rendition of his expressions!

    18 months....time to start talking about potty training! :D

  6. little man...Join me in the Dork side. We have pieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....


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