Saturday, February 26

My girls! :)



I think dogs are like kids in some respects... they depend on you for food, shelter, love, attention... they want your approval, they get sad if you're sad, and are excited when you're excited.

Dogs have their own personalities, likes and dislikes, and even their own funny quirks or embarrassing idiosyncrasies. At least, they would be embarrassing if dogs were capable of being embarrassed. 

For instance, Brady only has 7 nipples. Yep. I don't know why she only has seven, she should have at least 8, but she doesn't. 6 are all lined up nice and pretty across from each other on her belly, and then at the bottom, is lonely number 1. So sad.

And Lucy, she is an intolerably stuffy princess. She's a dog, but she turns her nose up at the hardwood floor, as if sitting or laying down on the hardwood floor is beneath her royal highney. 

We used to have a doggy bed for her, but since she's a long-haired dachshund it would get so choked with hair that it would make me retch every time I looked at it. Once we had a crawling baby, and crawling baby wanted to curl up in said choked-with-hair & disgusting doggy bed, it was over. Lucy was demoted to the same level that Brady is at, and that level is, you sit on the floor. It's just the way it is. This isn't a democracy, after all.  

The problem is, Lucy is a rebel. She still remembers her days as the Queen of Soft Cushy Things, and any time a couch cushion or a blanket or one of Ducky's onesies falls on the floor, she curls up on it. Until I catch her in the act and take it away.  At which point she gives me an evil glare with her devil eye (the blue one) and disdainfully curls up next to Brady. Because, when all else fails, Brady is softer and cushier than the floor.

That's what true friendship is, after all. When someone will let you sit on them because the floor is too uncomfortable for your sensitive butt, that's friendship. 

That'll do for my "profound statement of the day". You're welcome.


  1. They're so funny.

    Lucy is such a princess! She must get that from Tyler. ;)

    By the way, sorry I didn't get back to you officially about whether I was coming over or not - I got caught up in reading that link Adeena sent in from Resolved2Worship. And then I ate supper. And then I went to bed soon after.

    Like an hour after I went to bed, I jumped up and thought, "Oh no! I forgot to tell Sarah!!" But I didn't want to phone you so late just to tell you I wouldn't be there, since I was pretty sure you already surmised that. :[

  2. ^Bad Linda.

    haha...they are kids. If I say I have 5 kids and a dog, I'm corrected and told I actually have 6 dependents. Which is true. May needs more attention then my own babies.

    Dog hair makes me retch too.

  3. My dog *has* a pet bed... and yet, if there's a blanket/sweater/coat/pillow/whatever on the floor... he'll lay on that instead. Grrr...

    And I *love* the angle of the pic of Brady! :D

  4. I am a sucker for a chocolate lab like Brady :) He is so perty.

    Dog hair.. well.. yeah, cat hair is bad enough :S


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