Wednesday, February 23

18 months! :)

He repeats words I say, especially when I'm not expecting it.... no more casual swearing for me. ;)

He plays pretend; he'll wake up in the morning, and before I go get him I hear him making animal sounds "Grrrr" & "Roooawr!" and when I go in to get him, he's pointing at his shelf in his room that is full of his stuffed animals. He especially loves his lion. :)

He's starting to watch T.V., but only really likes a few shows... 'The Wiggles' are a hit, and so is 'Mighty Machines'. He dances and tries to sing with The Wiggles, and when Mighty Machines is on, he stands and claps and says "Brummmmmm bbbb bbbbb brummmmmm".

He's learned that when food is hot, you blow on it to cool it down.

He likes to sing, he sings "Baaaah bah bah baaaaaaah" (it's always bah, not la) and makes actual notes. If I'm singing, he starts singing with me.  He likes it when I sing "Head & Shoulders Knees & Toes" and he knows where his eyes are, and his nose. We're working on the rest.

He doesn't really like sitting and reading a book if I'm the one that suggests it, but if he's in a mood to read books he'll bring three to me at once and isn't satisfied until we read all three of them. 

He gives great hugs and kisses.  

He loves playing with his cousins; he's always happy to go to Aunt Heather's on Thursdays. :)

He loves his grandparents.

He loves his Mommy & Daddy.....

..... and we love him. :)



  1. That third one is SO HIM!!

    But it freaks me out how big he looks, with his toque on, and that hair hanging out the back... he looks old. Dammit.

    I love the last one too, with your reflection in his eyes. :D

  2. Gorgeous pictures of him Sarah!

    I like that he's a goofball....

    Kinda like his Mommy and Daddy.

  3. He really is the perfect mix of you and Ty.

    Gorgeous. :D

  4. He is smart and cute and adorable and funny! Takes after his grandmother.



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