Tuesday, July 20

Touch--up Tuesday!

It's Touch-up Tuesday time again! Wooo! Wooo! YEAH!

I'm easily amused, if you haven't noticed that before.

But anyway! 

Here is my Straight Out of Camera shot of my 11 month old *sniff* that I took during his "11 month pictures!" photo shoot.

ISO 200
Shutterspeed 250
Aperture F3.5

I thought he was super adorable, covering his face with his hand as he laughed. He's started doing that lately, which is very cute, but also annoying because I can't get many pictures of him smiling! But what can I do, gotta work with what he gives me. ;)


Here's what I did....
In Photoshop Elements, I
~straightened and cropped the image
~used the quick selection tool to select only D-man and used the sharpen action to reduce the Gaussian blur
~clicked on inverse selection in order to increase the Gaussian blur on the background
~raised the brightness to +15 and contrast to +4

And that's all folks!

Oh you should probably know, I always re-size my pictures, because it would take for-froofing-EVER to upload them if I didn't. ;)

If you want to play along with Touch-up Tuesday, go put your link in at Karli's! :)


  1. Hey, happy Tuesday to ya! :-) I seriously thought these were 2 different pictures at first glance. I love how you straightened him! I need to remember that one. Sometimes I do my pictures at a teensy angle, but other times I think they'd look nice straight. Thanks for the reminder on this one! Great job! What a super cutie he is... :-)

  2. Awww! That's so cute! :D Perfect editing.

    You know, I think that pic could qualify as "over my head"... since that corn definitely is over his head. ;)

  3. sniff indeed.

    Covering his mouth is too cute.

  4. See I never get how to really straighten the pictures out I feel like it never works out for me. How did you do it? Cute pic though.

  5. Audrey, I used the "Custom" straightening tool to change the angle slightly,I think I put it to the right by 9 degrees or so.
    I had to use that because the "straighten and crop" action made it completely wonky.

    I don't know why the quick straightening action doesn't actually make it straight.. it makes it even more crooked. Maybe you've had the same problem?

  6. I think I do thanks for letting me know that I will have to try it the other way and see if it works. thanks


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