Monday, July 12

Camping, again! :)

I've decided I love camping.  Ty & I want to get a small tent trailer, like the one Adeena & Jeff so graciously allowed us to use this past weekend, so we can go camping and be like all the cool kids. 

The weekend just plain rocked. It was so much fun! The weather was gorgeous, warm but not humid, and even Ducky was happy to be away from home. He loves playing with the big kids, and he always has a blast with Hannah. I have pictures to prove it!

 Hannah Banana is so good at climbing chairs, she can climb in and out and loves to show off her skillz. 

D-man thought it was a hoot! They played peek-a-boo together, and completely entertained one another. And, of course, their mothers. :)

Hannah, clapping her hands, something she's been doing since May. Such a smartie. :)

She also kept on tasting her toes -mmmmm tasty toes- and I got this pic of her smiling at her Mommy! It was too ridonkulously cute.

I love this picture, but my stinkin' camera went and changed the F stop on me as I was snapping it, so it was so dark and almost not salvageable. I fixed it up as well as I could... it's not so bad. ;)


Ducky tried to imitate Uncle Jeffie, who planned on being the Kraken in Granny & Poppa's pool.

*splash* "WRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!" *splash*

Then he checked out Banana's tasty toes.

He never did figure out how to climb onto the chair, though.

Then Hannah was bored.....

And said, "Here's my bum. Go away."

So, Ducky played with his Diego plane instead.

And hung out with big cousin Dimples, otherwise known as Becky-Lou.

Camping kids....



Stretch & D-man...

"I was having fun, but since Mommy mad eye contact, I am no longer happy!"

Mini-Heather and Banana....

Doesn't Ava have THE most crazy beautiful eyes? Yes she does.

And, of course, the token eyelash photo. 

The campfires both nights stretched way into the morning hours. Friday's campfire lasted until 2:30 a.m. Saturday morning, and Saturday's campfire just never stopped. I gave up at 5:00 a.m., but Adeena, Heather, Dave & Kate didn't go to bed until the kids started waking up in the morning. Crazy people! 

Ah well, therapeutic campfires have a way of never ending. Or, you just don't want them to end. 

I'm sure we'll do it again next time.... 
Which, I hope, is SOON! :)


  1. Here's my bum, now go away!

    Classic. :)

    Once we get a new car, we'll be getting a fancy dancy trailer too. That's the plan sam.

    Because, them folks at Creekside love having camping company!

  2. Awesome pics!! :D I loved watching Ducky and Nana playing in that chair. I was surprised how long they were entertained with it!

    You totally should get a tent trailer. They're awesome. :D We found ours for $500. Keep checking.

  3. Awesome pics, as per usual.'

    D-man and Banana are so cute together! And separately.

    We need to set a timer at campfires. We checked the time, it was midnight, checked it again, and kids started coming out of the trailer, and birds started cheeping.


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