Monday, July 5


I'm not much of a camper.

I went a few times when I was little, and had fun, but before this Summer I hadn't camped in years. YEARS!

I was the first overnight camping guest at Creekside a couple months ago, and this past week I stayed for practically forever! From Wednesday night to Friday night. :)
There are a lot of memories from those couple days, and I had a blast. I picked up a few new phrases and words to add to my repertoire, "on ny bum" and "poopynuts!" - courtesy of Ava.

I shared a lot of laughs, and some pretty serious conversations around the campfire. I love me some campfire! :)

And, I only woke up with a headache Thursday morning. Thanks to Patar! I'm not letting him mix me a drink ever, ever, ever again.

And someday soon I will share the story of how I totally pwned Matthew. Oh, it's true. And not little Matthew, the twin, BIG Matthew, the one that is really hard to get. But I GOT him. HAAAAA!
Camping babies!!

They are so cute together. And normally, they get along really well. They don't really pick on each other much... except Ducky doesn't like it when Banana tries to hold him down and hug him. He gets quite perturbed. And I don't think Banana appreciates it when Ducky knocks her over because he's just too big. Toooo big.

This sweetie was my flower girl. She's got the best doe eyes ever, doesn't she?

All in all, it was a good week. I have more pictures from the last trip to the beach on Friday to share, but I think I'll post those tomorrow. I'm tired, I've been editing pictures and putting up posts for an HOUR, and I haven't even had a coffee yet. Ugh.

Until tomorrow! :)


  1. How did you get Matt?? I missed too much.

  2. You're a blogging fiend! ;)

    Poopynuts is a new favourite here, too.

    Love the babies! :D


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