Monday, July 5

More from Wednesday Night! :)

Ducky is less grumpy this morning, so I have time to blog! Yay! Except he's turned the computer off on me TWICE, so you better appreciate my stick-to-it-iveness. 

Like I said before, going to see the fireworks at the beach is a family tradition.  

So is Baby Tossing! :D

I know the lighting sucks in this picture, but his face just kills me! XD 

He was having super loads of fun at his first fireworks! 

He loves trucks, tractors, three wheelers, bikes, strollers, anything with wheels. He was definitely having fun playing with the big boys in the sand with all their tractors and toys! :)

And that's it. I'm sorry, Adeena, I don't have any more pictures of that night. I was busy playing catch the soccer ball and then watching fireworks with D-man on me lap. 

I do have this picture of baby Aryanah.

She's so stinking cute!

It was a lot of fun holding Ducky as the fireworks went off, he was captivated at first, but about 10 minutes from the end he decided he was bored, wanted to nurse, and fell asleep. Oh well. Next year he'll probably like them more. 

I'll be posting a few camping pictures later! Not many. I really didn't take that many pictures! It's strange. I usually take hundreds. Oh well, I must have been having too much fun to take pictures. :)


  1. Yay for baby tossing! :D I love the pic of him 'driving' the tractor.

    Love the pic of Aryanah, too.

    It's my own fault. I should glue the camera to my forehead or something. :P Can you send me the full-size ones of Hannah that you have? I'd like to put them in her book. :)

  2. Baby tossing should be an Olympic sport. We'd take home the gold for sure.

  3. You're a blogging fiend!!

    I haven't checked the blogs, and there were like five posts from you!!

    I'll comment on this one.

    Awesome pictures....
    Camping is loads of fun...
    Your baby is adorable.


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