Thursday, February 11

My husband...

... LOVES babies.

Especially his own, but he can appreciate the cuteness and lovableness of other people's little ones.

Aren't they cute? That's Ducky and his cousin Isaac, who is 3 weeks older. They look a little bit like twins, don't they? When they were newborns, it was sometimes hard to tell them apart in pictures (not for me or Mommy Lesley, but for others).

They definitely were having fun together last Sunday. We sat them down beside each other, and they were friends.... then, Ducky decided he wanted to chokeslam Isaac.

I think they're still friends, just not as good friends.

It's going to be fun at family gatherings when they're both walking!

Babies are awesome.


  1. Holy crow!! They do look a lot alike!!

    It IS fun having cousins so close - Michael and Nathan are only 3 weeks apart, and they have such a blast when they're together! :)

  2. Yes, having friends at family gatherings is awesome. Comparing the smarts of your kids is exciting too!


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