Tuesday, February 2

My baby has a temper!

Deklan had his first real temper tantrum the other day.
It's true! He's not even 6 months old, but he's got enough of an opinion of the way things should be that he thinks he needs to react violently when life isn't perfect.

"Who, me?"

Yes, You! Little spitfire.

These aren't pictures of the actual temper tantrum, but they're close enough.

He was really, really mad.

I was busy with the dogs, and he thought he needed to be held RIGHT THEN! No waiting!

I killed myself laughing at him, it was so hysterical.
He was sitting in his bumbo, crying at me, and suddenly he just freaked out and starting bouncing up and down, pounding his hands into the sides of the bumbo and his feet against the floor! His face was so red his hair disappeared!

Ty's Mom has told me that he had quite the temper as a little boy, I think I know a little bit of what I can look forward to!

Aye carumba!

(By the way, isn't my baby cute when he cries? Don't worry, I didn't let him cry for very long. I just took these 5 pictures and then I shut the camera off and cheered him up!)


  1. Yeah, but he's so cute when he cries.

    I laughed at my babies tempers too. They are oddly amusing.

  2. Me three. :D

    He does have quite the little temper. ;) At least he has amazing eyelashes and blue eyes... makes you forgive him easily. :D

  3. hahaha awwww spitfire is the perfect word for that little ball of attitude! hilarious! :)

  4. I've seen it first hand. But you make him wait 'till you're done! That's awesome.


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