Saturday, February 20

6 months old!

My little buddy had his 6 month birthday on the 16th! As always, I wanted to take some pictures to commemorate his milestone. And, as always, it was not as easy as it could have been.

Ducky was in no mood for pictures that day. He wanted to play, not sit in a chair and smile nicely for Mommy.

I was going to try to redo his 6 month pictures, but then I thought "Why?". He is a spirited, opinionated spitfire, so his portraits should reflect that. Why have only happy, smiling pictures of my son, when he has so many other facets to his personality?

And so, I give you, Ducky's 6 month pictures.

One of the few smiles I got.... I believe in quality over quantity, don't you?

Ducky is 6 months old, and he wants to GO go GO! He's already started commando crawling, and he absolutely loves to walk holding onto someone's hands. He gets so excited he leans forward, and trips over his own feet! But he's getting the technique. A few more months, and I do think he'll try walking by himself!

He's starting to entertain himself more and more, which gives me a nice break every once in a while! I can put him on the floor with a toy, and he'll worm his way around, chasing the dogs and yelling at them.

He makes me laugh every day, he's so cute and does such comical things. I did want just some nice smiley pictures from him, but now I'm glad I got the ones I did. They are so full of personality, just like him!


  1. He's adorable.

    I love the picture where he's smashed his face into the cushion in a temper. That's just too awesome.

  2. Yeah, me too! :D #2 made me LOL!

    He's too funny. I'm glad you got some "real" Deklan pictures, too! :)

  3. What a good mommy! That'll be awesome for showing the girlfriend what he's REALLY like. :)

  4. I like them. It shows the real Deklan, full of personality.

    Smile pictures can be boring. These definitely are not.


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