Monday, February 22

I Heart Faces "Hands-on Fun!"

This week at i heart faces, it's all about hands! Every once in a while they take the focus off of faces and concentrate on another area, like feet, tooshies, and now hands!

I love hands. To me, hands tell as much about a person as their face does.

My son, Ducky, is 6 months old. He's just starting to learn control over his hands! His little chubby baby hands just knock me out with cuteness.

This is Ducky, a couple weeks ago when I gave him rice cereal for the first time. I let him play with the spoon after he was done, and it entertained him for ten minutes! He kept on getting his hands tangled up, and worked really hard to pick up the spoon every time he dropped it. It was so cute!

Go to I Heart Faces to see more hands!


  1. I adore pictures of chubby baby hands!

  2. Yummy chubby hands! It's amazing what children learn in such a short time.

  3. Awww!! I love me some chubby baby hands. :D

  4. I love chubby scrumptious baby hands!

    And Deklan has a superb pair.


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