Thursday, February 18

Belly time!

These pictures are from Monday, which you may recall was Family Day here in Canada!
Well, actually, I don't know if it's all across Canada, maybe just in a few provinces. But oh well.

Ducky was having loads of fun with Daddy. They were goofing around and walking about and doing all kinds of fun things.

Then, Ducky saw the register.

It was THE most Amazing thing he had ever seen!

He couldn't get over it. It was so fascinating.

The furnace was running, so he was getting hot air in the face, but apparently that added to the appeal.

He stayed there for about ten minutes, which is 3 months in baby time.

Tyler would pull him away from it, and he would commando-crawl his way back!

It was the best thing ever!

So, Daddy got replaced by a vent in the floor. Poor Daddy. He rolled over and went to sleep.
And then the mongrels attacked.

Finally, something that got Ducky's attention!

Daddy beating up the dogs was pretty cool. Cool enough to make him forget about that strange blowy hole in the floor.

So he rolled over,

and started playing with the fridge.

I call it belly time, but any time on the floor -whether on his back or his belly- is EXPLORING time!

Yeah, I'm gonna have to babyproof my house soon. I can see this guy having some frightening episodes involving outlets and stairs. Oh my.


  1. Okay, the one of him sitting up over the register, with his hair all curled up is too, too adorable!! :D

    Looks like so much fun.

    Babyproofing is fun. Don't forget the dog food - mine always eat it. And then get eczema. Sigh.

  2. I love that one too! Hair blowin in the wind.

    He's too little to crawl. Even if it is a commando crawl. He was very determined, wasn't he?

    Also when he flipped over and was exploring the fridge. He's adorable.

    And the dogs attacking Tyler. Good stuff.

    This post was worth the wait. Made me smile.

  3. I had to comment again, because I wanted you to know that every time I look at the name of this post, it makes me sing: "Peanut Butter, Belly time!!" in my head. :D

  4. Such great pictures! Love the one with his hair blowin' in the wind.

  5. Very cute, love that Tyler lays on the floor with the dogs too.


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