Friday, February 26

Chubby hands

This week's I Heart Faces contest was about hands. So, consequently, I had a whole bunch of hand pictures all fixed up and edited, ready to go.

These were two pictures I contemplated entering.

Every morning, I let the dogs out and stand at the door, waiting for them to come back inside. And every morning, Ducky puts his hand up on the window, and watches the dogs running around outside.

I don't know why he touches the window, it's cold! I don't like touching it. But he has to. If I don't stand close enough, and his hand falls short, he complains.

I just love his chubby baby hands. It's a little hard for me to believe that someday, those hands will be big and rough, just like his Daddy's.

For now, I'm going to hold those soft little baby hands, and give them lots of kisses. Because someday he won't let me kiss his hands, and I don't think I'll want to, either.


  1. I *LOVE* the first one!!

    It's totally adorable. He has such cute hands!!

    I doubt you'll want to kiss them when they're big and rough and probably dirty. ;) But for now, I'd kiss them, too.

  2. That gives me shivers, thinking about how our babies hands will be big in no time! Trentons hands are almost as big as mine, and I think, "Wow! They used to be so cute and chubby."


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