Saturday, February 6

A milestone!

My baby boy, who is not yet 6 months old, ate his first sample of rice cereal today.

His cousin Hannah was all up in his face, showing off her mad cereal eatin' skillz, so he had to try it for himself. She's already got a tooth through before him, and is sitting up by herself, so he couldn't be beaten again!


"Dude, that is gooood."

He liked it! A lot. Probably because I mixed the cereal with some milk, Deklan is all about the boobie.

"Mom! Not quick enough!!"


After my little buddy had eaten all of it (one tablespoon of rice cereal + an ounce of milk!!), I let him play with the spoon.

What a happy, messy face!

Spoons are awesome. That is an undeniable fact.

"Mom, this is fun!"

And this is the face I got when both the cereal and the spoon were gone. He was not a big fan of Mommy at that moment.

He's getting so big! I like it but I don't like it at the same time. I want him to stay little, but I know that's not realistic or healthy. I just have to enjoy every minute I have with him, and make sure I remember the special days like today!


  1. So cute. XD

    Spoons ARE awesome.

  2. Awwww!!!

    *sniff, sniff*

    He's growing up too fast!!! But, he's so adorable. Looks like the cereal was a hit! :D

  3. It was a HUGE hit! He loved it. If I took too long getting it to him (like if I was fiddling with my camera settings) he would go "AWHHHHWWHHH!" at me. :D

    AND, last night he slept THROUGH THE NIGHT!! :O For the first time!! :O!!!

    I think it must have been the cereal. Nothing else was different! :D

  4. He is sooo cute. And his eyes are sooo blue.


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