Tuesday, December 29

"Hilarious Outtakes" Photo Challenge

I wasn't going to participate in this weeks challenge, because I'm feeling quite miserably sick, but the allure was too great to resist. Especially this week, because it's about hilarious outtakes! And I love funny photos!

"You looking at me, PUNK?"

I tried to get a picture of Deklan in his crib, and this is what my camera got. :P


All I wanted was a nice picture of Deklan for his 4 month birthday, but no sirree!

Our first trip outside after that first real snowstorm..... I think he was trying to catch a snowflake on his tongue.

Alrighty. Go to I Heart Faces to see more (funnier) photos, or to play along!


  1. Okay. The one of him in his crib and the last one are my NEW favourites!!! :D

    LOVE the tongue. ;) Hannah is doing that all the time now, too.

    Sorry you're still sick. :/ That sucketh.


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