Sunday, December 6

Best Buds

Deklan and Poochy

Deklan is really starting to love his soft, cuddly toys. He loves his colourful caterpillar, his giggly duckling and his fluffy puppy. He also loves his chewable giraffe that squeaks!

He's so ridiculously cute when he hugs them and tries to eat them!

Deklan is such an intense little guy, everything he does he does with OOMPH! He doesn't just kick, he roundhouse kicks! He doesn't just laugh, he guffaws! He doesn't just hug his toys, he squishes them to death with love!

And I love him, oh so much.

1 comment:

  1. Awww! :D

    It's so much fun when they start to love their toys... and can grab them and squish them!

    Deklan has the best bluey-greeny eyes ever. So beautiful!


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