Wednesday, December 23

My story in photos - Holiday Traditions

This week at I Heart Faces, it is a special non-judged week where we share a bunch of photos and stories about the traditions we have for the holidays! It's to get to know one another better, and really, it's to give Angie and Amy a break because this time of year is crazy busy!

Tyler and I have only been married for two years, and this is our first Christmas with a child in the house, so we've just started making our own traditions together.

But number 1 is definitely our Christmas tree! It doesn't feel like Christmas in our house until the tree is up. I could do without anything else, but not the tree. Oh, and it HAS to be real! I don't think I'll ever get a fake tree, no matter how loudly the obsessive-compulsive in me screams "It would be easier than getting a real tree that you have to water, that sheds all over the place, that is sticky and might have a creature living in it!!" It just wouldn't be the same.

number 2 would be decorations... I love decorating the house.

My nativity scene, which usually goes on top of the piano....

... my piggy ornament, which bounces around and this year has come to rest on the tree of all places! This piggy ornament is special to me because Tyler and I met where we worked, on a pig farm.

.... George, who was given to me by Tyler the year before we were married, and who has spent every Christmas since then with us. He's about 2 feet tall and usually hangs out by the door.

Every year I decorate my banister, either with lights, garland, or this year a pretty ribbon!

number 3 is baked goodies! Can't have Christmas without treats... it's just wrong.

Gingerbread men (otherwise known as cinnamonbread men in my house, since I didn't have any ginger)...

...Peanut butter balls...

...*aaaagggghhhlllhhhhhh* (that's a "homer simpson" drool, in case you didn't know...)

Although I don't have any pictures of it, every year Tyler makes breakfast on Christmas Day. That's a tradition that I've adopted from my family; every year as far back as I can remember my Dad and the boys made breakfast Christmas morning.

Merry Christmas to everyone! Enjoy your holidays!

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  1. Hurray for Christmas traditions! :D

    I'm hoping to post mine... not sure I'll have time, though. ;) Too busy DOING all the traditions! :D


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