Thursday, December 10

Oh, Christmas Tree

I finally got my Christmas tree up! Tuesday afternoon, Tyler was feeling good enough to take a trip to town, and in town we stopped and got a tree. We set it up Tuesday night, and I decorated it the next day!

Deklan was fascinated by the lights.

He sat in his swing and watched me decorate, and didn't complain once!

The finished tree! Well, mostly finished. I did a few more things to it, but didn't take a picture. Will have to do that.....

Tyler thought I did a good job, and Deklan still seems to like all the pretty lights!

I love having my tree up, it feels like now I'm really ready for Christmas!

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  1. Hurray for Christmas trees!! :D

    Love the one of Tyler and Deklan. And the curtain. :D Looks much better than a shelf in the background. ;)


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