Friday, December 11

My baby makes me laugh

..probably because I am a cruel, twisted, sadistic person.

I torture him mercilessly.

Then I take pictures, so in the future I can scar his psyche some more. Perhaps at his graduation, or wedding, or first date I will bring these pictures out and display them proudly. With a straight face, of course.

"Good one, Mom. I'll just type that up on my invisible typewriter. Hmm hm hm hmmm..."

He's such a good baby. He lets me put things on his head, laugh loudly and take pictures, all without a single peep of protest.

Although even if he did protest, that probably wouldn't stop me.


  1. Yes, yes, quite, quite... funny! :D

    Love the last one. :D

  2. He is SUCH A HAPPY BABY!! So much fun to hold him and hear him giggle and belly-laugh. Unlike his totally suspicious cousin, who barely tolerates anyone but mommy. Oh well, I know someday she'll love me, too.

    Like Ducky does! :D

  3. What, Hannah is a mommy's girl?! *she let me hold her for hourrrrs* :D :D :D

  4. ... arg, google never forgets who I am, I tried to start that blog forever ago ^ and it's completely empty and it still wants to sign me in that way.

    by the way - Sarah! Cute pictures!

  5. Yes, yes she did. Hours. ;)

    She even tolerated David. :D

  6. BWahaha!

    That made me Laugh out Loud.

    Mean, mean Mommy.

    It get's better. Wait till they can talk, then you can really mess with their heads.


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