Wednesday, June 30

I'm excited!!

And very, very afraid!

Well, more excited than afraid.

Tonight is the night for the Annual Family Tradition of going up to the beach to watch the fireworks for Canada Day! Wooo! And not only that, but I'm going camping after at my sister's place! 
The only bummer is that Ty is working on Thursday. Boooo. So he won't come camping. Booooooo. So tonight will also be the second night since we were married that we won't be sleeping in the same bed!  I know! It's a big deal. 

And, coincidentally, the first night ever that we spent apart was also when I was camping at my sister's place. So congratulations, Adeena, you're a homewrecker! Bwhahaha.

I had a doozy of a night last night, Ducky for SOME REASON would NOT sleep in his own bed. He's been doing so great lately, it was really a shocker to have him crying and refusing to sleep for more than 20 minutes at a time in his crib. Also, whenever he was sleeping, allowing me to get some rest, TYLER would not stay on his side of the bed, he kept on elbowing me in the back and pushing me off the bed with his big old bum! And I know, those of you who know Ty will be thinking "Big old bum? Are you nutso?" and to that I will say "TRY SLEEPING WHEN THAT BUM IS JAMMED INTO YOUR HALF OF THE BED!" Needless to say, I did not get any sleep.  But I'm OKAY! Thank God for coffee. Seriously.
I have to get everything ready for tonight, I have to pack some warm clothes and blankets (because *shocker* the weather has changed, again, and instead of the humidity I was complaining about a couple days ago, it is now frigid. Freezing. Cold. Bleh. So, I must get my warm fuzzy flannel blankets out of the cupboard!) and I have to remember to bring warm pants! Joggers! They are the best. And I was a dumb-o last time and forgot to bring any, so I had to borrow Jeff's.  Not that I mind, it's not like Jeff is icky or anything, but still... a girl has got to have her own pants.
Now to get going on that list... actually, I need to make a list first, before I can start checking it off. First thing on the list is: Make a list. 

I'll get started, eventually. 

Happy Canada Day, everyone!


  1. Someone has to be the homewrecker. ;)

    Yay for camping!! And bringing your own pants! :D

  2. Are they square?

    Adeena is a bad influence isn't she?

    Hence the rules, BRING ALCOHOL PEEPS.

    This cold must be horrible, you hate the cold even more than the hot right?


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