Tuesday, June 15

Touch--up Tuesday!

Why? Because it looked like fun! And I'm waiting for my potatoes to cook so I can mash them, so I have to kill a bit of time, and doing dishes just wasn't as appealing.

Plus, Adeena did it, and she's who I wanna be when I grow up, so I might as well just start copying everything she does. :)
Here's my photo, SOOC...

... and if I could remember what settings I used (I did use manual!) I would tell you. But I don't. So I won't.

Ducky wanted me to pick him up, he's so cute! But I didn't like how shadowy his face is. 

I have Photoshop Elements on my computer, so I used that to edit my photo.

First, I rotated and cropped the photo.
I used the "levels" tool to adjust the shadows and highlights until I liked what I saw.
I sharpened his face, and did a gaussian blur on the background.
I highlighted his eyes with some brightness and contrast, to really make them stand out!
Then I made a new layer, copied the picture, ran a "water paper" filter on the top layer, and reduced the opacity to 15 %. 

And voila! Me likey.

For the B&W version, I ran a "convert to black and white" tool, and then raised the brightness to +24 and the contrast to +60.

I really like how his jean jacket looks in the B&W one! :)

Now go be like Adeena and me and succumb to peer pressure and join in some good old fun at The Bonnie 5!


  1. Oooohhhh!! Me likey too! :-) Wow, your picture was pretty much perfecto SOOC! And what a beautiful touch-up. You enhanced it, but it's not overdone. I hope you come back and play again next week! Fantastic edit! :-) (And I love the black & white just as much). :-) Nice to e-meet you!

  2. Very nice!! :D

    I love the red in his hair! It kills me that the camera picks it up. ;)

    I really really like the B&W version, too.

    Aren't you more-than-halfway me already? :P :D

  3. Hiya! Love the BNW! Nicely done!

  4. OH, how I LOVE the B&W edit! Nice work! Your baby is a cutie & the tint of red in his hair is beautiful! :)

  5. OH, how I LOVE the B&W edit! Nice work! Your baby is a cutie & the tint of red in his hair is beautiful! :)

  6. Very nice.

    I almost prefer the black and white.

    Gorgeous picture. Print off and hang on the wall type.

  7. Love your b&w!!! I like how you rotated it to give a completely new angle:) great job:)


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