Monday, June 14

I got batteries for my camera!

"FINALLY!" is the general opinion, I'm sure. 

Unfortunately for you, I just got them about two hours ago, and then what with the making of supper, eating of supper, and subsequent dish-washing, I haven't been able to even touch my camera yet. 

Tomorrow I plan on taking pictures of Ducky, one day early for his 10 month photos, so I can enter into the i heart faces competition this week, which conveniently is all about Babies! Since I have one, it should be simple to get a photo of one.  And by simple, I mean excruciatingly difficult. Because he doesn't stay still, ever.

Speaking of Ducky, he has six teeth now. Yes, six. And he's regressed into the "I need to bite Mommy" phase that I thought I had gotten him out of.  I keep threatening to wean him, maybe one of these days I will. I have to start sticking up for myself. I can't just sit back and let everyone bite my nipples, so to speak.  (Sorry if that offends your delicate sensibilities.)

This week has started out well for me, I got my house clean today, did my hip-hop abs workout and then ran on the treadmill for 25 minutes! Yes, 25 minutes. I was very proud of myself. My knee has been feeling great lately, which I gotta give props to God for. There's nothing better than having your bum knee behave itself. Love it. 

Have I ever told you that I love spaghetti? Well, it's true, I do love spaghetti. I even love rice noodle spaghetti, which I'm forced to eat due to my pesky celiac disease.  It was so awesome.... especially with a glass of white wine. I love me some white wine.

In case you haven't noticed, I don't really have a theme for this blog post today. I'm just blathering. Probably because I'm trying to distract you from the fact that I haven't uploaded a picture since last Monday

This just in: My husband rocks. Yesterday he did breakfast dishes, made lunch, and let me use paper plates for supper so I wouldn't have to do dishes last night! It was an awesome day. 

Also, I hate flies. My home has been invaded by flies recently, I think because of the hot weather (makes them all bold and pumps them full of gumption), but on the other hand I have gotten a lot of use out of the flyswatter I bought last year. If you buy something, you might as well use it.

That's all until tomorrow!


  1. Still no pictures!! I'm shocked. :P

    Deklan and Hannah need a grinning picture together! :D Two babies with six teeth.

    I can't believe you RAN! O.o Wow!

  2. I clicked all the options, because they were all there.

    With that said, I will now go to some far-off, darkened corner and nurse my delicate sensibilities back to a more reasonable level.

  3. Hehehe.

    You said nipples.

    I like your rambly post. Then I'm not the only one;p

  4. Hi, I clicked through from Heather's blog.

    I love rambling, random thought posts. And yes, even better that you mentioned your nipples! I fell asleep with my little monkey in our bed the other night, and woke up in excruciating nipple pain... which she doesn't normally do and I thought was completely unnecessary. LOL!

    Flyswatters can be used for roosters too, you know, although not very effectively. ;)


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