Sunday, February 22

Strawberry & Yogurt Smoothie

It's about the only thing that my stomach is actually tolerating without complaint.
I took about a cup of frozen strawberries, a cup of plain Balkan-style yogurt, two tablespoons of honey, a cup of milk, and blended it all up in my shiny new blender.

For a bit of zazz, I added a slice of lime and a squirt of lime juice on top.

Mmmmm, blended goodness.

Trust me, it's good. And the two straws aren't for sharing, they're just because I like the look of two straws better than one. Plus, the straws I have are really skinny and you can't get much up with just one.

Have you had a good snack today?


  1. Nope. But your snack looks awesome!! Wish I could make that, too. But, my tongue would rebel, and I would be in agony! ;)

    wv: mulfect Multiples of perfection.

  2. I never would have thought of adding honey! Sounds delish :) I can't wait to make one! I think I need lime juice first... I LOVE a little bit of lime!


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