Sunday, February 1

Is there really a baby in there?

I woke up pretty early yesterday morning. I was probably too excited to sleep. I had a shower, got some breakfast, and put some good clothes on. I had somewhere to be, after all.

About two seconds before I walked out the door, I remember something about having to have a full bladder when you get an ultrasound. So, because I'm me, I had a small glass full of water. I knew I'd be busting by the time I got to the hospital. My bladder is ridiculously small, people. If I had drank the recommended volume of water, I would've been peeing myself before I ever got to the city.

We went in the emergency entrance, because apparently that early in the morning the front doors are locked. No visitors allowed. I felt pretty silly going into emergency when there was nothing really wrong with me, except for the fact I had to wizz.

I wasn't on the list! It was a scary few minutes. I had my appointment paper, filled out by my nurse practitioner, so they knew I wasn't lying... but I wasn't in the computer, I wasn't on the technician's list, and there was a gentleman standing in line behind me who also had an appointment for 9:45! The secretary and the technician stood at the computer, frowning, humming and hawwing for a while, and then they finally decided to take me because I was busting to pee and the old guy behind me was not. He had to wait. Haha.

You know, I'm pretty sure the whole "your bladder has to be full" thing is just a ruse so that the technicians have something to laugh about over their stale tuna sandwich at lunchtime. "Hahaha, oh you should have seen her face, hahaha, she had it so worked up and red she looked like a baboon's rear end." They laugh. I know they do.

And they have a cruel streak! The way she pressed down with the wand, just at the riiight spot to make me thing I was going to let go, just hard enough to make me bite my lip from the discomfort. Seriously? That's necessary? C'mon. I call that unecessary torture.

But I'm a tough cookie, and I made it through. The technician (her name is Jessie) did her whole examination, and I watched her face the entire time because I couldn't see the moniter. Her facial expression never changed, and the craziest thoughts started going through my head. It started with "What if there's nothing there? What if it's just an empty bag and nothing in it, no baby, I'm just crazy... what if there's tumours? Large tumours? Big enough to start growing my belly tumours?" Her face never reassured me at all. I'm sure she was just concentrating, but she could have at least smiled a little. Sheesh.

At long last Jessie was finished, and she turned the moniter so Tyler and I could see. My irrational fears were all unfounded, and we finally got our first glimpse of our little one.

Jessie said that right up until that point, the baby must have been sleeping, because she (or he) wasn't moving very much. But as soon as she turned the moniter, the baby got excited, and started waving her/his arms and legs like a crazy monkey! It was awesome. We saw the little thup thup thup of the heartbeat, but we didn't get to hear it. Later we will.

It is the coolest thing ever to be able to spy on your little baby, who is growing safe and snug deep within your body. I think all I said was "Wow!" and "Awesome" and "Awwww!" and "That is so cool!"

It is.

Beanie Baby

ps.... Happy belated Birthday to Nater-Binator! I'm sorry I didn't write you a blog post, I was at Granny's on your birthday and didn't get home until bedtime. Love you Nathan!


  1. AWWWWWWW!!!!! It's so TUTE!!

    So funny that you can drink one cup of water and be good to go. ;) I have to drink ... 6, I think? :D And, iced tea at that, so I can get it down. I would have totally asked her the EDD. I have in the past, and they told me no problem. The computer they use figures it all out.

    Yay for Baby Bean!

    wv: singemph Not how fast the car goes, but how fast your hair singes in the summer campfire.

  2. I know! It looks like it doesn't have limbs, but it DOES! She (or he) was kicking and waving arms and legs like a banshee. It was totally cool.

    I really think I must be further along than 11 weeks. Just the way the baby looks, it looks like the baby you have in your widget, not and 11 weeker. But who knows.

  3. It's not a tumor!! I bet it's a grrr, Sarah keeps referring as (SHE)!!

    I never ever listen to them on the full bladder. I ain't being more uncomfortable than I already am, and they can still see, it's just not that easy if you're empty. Next time, pee first, there will still be enough in there, trust me. ;)

  4. AHA!

    You know, that whole pee thing definitely sounds like cruel and unusual torture to me.

    And, that nickname is totally going to stick, you know. Beanie Baby.

  5. So, have you found out yet?? It's like Thursday already!! :P When do you finally find out?

  6. Such a beautiful little Bean. Now, I am right there with Adeena: what's the news on the EDD?

    I love my word ver: emiling. Like, "smiling on email". :D

  7. I have an appointment with my NP next Tuesday. That's when I'll find out, and not a day sooner. :P

    Stinky, I know. But I'll let you know as soon as I find out. :D

  8. Ack!! I can't believe they're making you wait that long. Couldn't she just tell you over the phone?!??


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