Wednesday, February 11


It's a tumour!


Well, it's not that scary, really. It's just a stupid fibroid. They found it on my uterus during my ultrasound.

I'm not very happy about it, either. Stinking fibroid. How dare it grow itself in my body. Little upstart. I'm so getting it removed, later in life.

Well, my husband reminded me of something yesterday, after I told him what the Nurse Practitioner said.

He said "Well, I guess that's why God didn't make it possible for you to have a midwife. He knew you'd need to give birth in the hospital in case the fibroid ruptures and you need a blood transfusion."

Talk about providence.

I'm not happy about the fibroid, but I'm happy that God loves me and is looking out for me.


  1. So, are you going to find out what kind it is? And where it is? And if it'll affect the pregnancy?

    Hopefully it won't grow too much. And, hopefully it won't bring friends. ;)

    Is it large enough to rupture during labour? Hmmmm... more reading required, I think. :)

  2. Gah!

    So many questions, so little... understanding.

    I have a bazillion more questions to ask the NP now that I've had time to absorb it. At the time, I was all like "I have a fibroid? I have a fibroid? I have a fibroid?" Things were just not computing.

    My next appointment is March 9th, I guess I'll find out a bit more info then.


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