Saturday, February 21

Aw man

I feel sick today.

I don't think it's pregnancy sickness, either.

You know, there's something to be said against working with someone who has two small children in daycare and public school. They get every illness imaginable, infected by their little friends, and they in turn give it to their mommy, who kindly brings it to work to share with everyone there.

I never used to worry about all the germies she carried, but now that I'm pregnant, my immune system is apparently taking a vacation.

Get off that hammock, you white blood cells, and get your gelatinous little blobs back here this instant! Don't you take another sip of that pina colada! Don't! DON'T!

Little rotters.

Anyways, I've felt queasy and fatigued all day. It could just be pregnancy, I guess, but I've been feeling really good lately so this is out of order.

Hopefully I feel better tomorrow... I really, really hate to spend my whole weekend sick. It really bums me out.

I'm going to make myself a strawberry yogurt smoothie, because it's the only thing that seems appeasing right now. I'll show those little white blood cells how to relax with a cold drink. The jerks.


  1. Sorry you're sick...and hope you fight those germs quickly.

    I checked out the Cake Wrecks. Too funny!

  2. I don't know if it's preggy sickness. :( I was sick all day yesterday, and ended the day puking up all my supper... and it also included the orange I had for a snack, and bits of my breakfast. :( So, I obviously wasn't digesting properly.

    I am feeling a little better today. (Yay!) Just bone-tired.

  3. Yay for us! Not just pregnancy sick, but real sick sick too!

    I'm feeling better today, too, though I still have zero energy. I did my dishes, and would like to vacuum, but I can't see that happening as of this moment. :p

    I'm probably going to make myself another yogurt smoothie for a snack in a little bit... it was the only thing that actually made my stomach happy yesterday.


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