Saturday, March 6

We were experiencing technical difficulties....

But that's all sorted out, now.

To all the bloggers whose blogs I -usually- faithfully comment on, I apologize for my absence. My computer was on the fritz, so my oh so capable brother Daniel bossed it around and made it mind! Thank you Dan.

And in other news, I love the self timer on my camera.

And in other, other news, I also love the manual setting of my camera.

In addition to these other newses, I love tobogganing. But I don't love pronouncing it. It makes my tongue twist into a knot that is extremely difficult to untie.

Go here and here if you want to see why I love tobogganing!


  1. Yay for computers that work!!! :D

    Dan is the best computer man. ;)

    I've never tried the timer on my camera... maybe I should. Or not. 'Cause then I'd have to be in them. :P

    I have a pic of you tobogganing! :) Head first and everything.

  2. Where are your pictures of the tobogganing adventure??

    Great self portrait of you and your little man!

  3. I like your self timer too. :)


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