Monday, March 1

"Hilarious Outtakes" Photo Challenge!

This week at i heart faces, they've brought back a fun challenge from earlier this year, Hilarious Outtakes!

We're allowed to have up to 5 entries, and there are five guest "biggest fan!" judges this week, to give Angie & Amy a break! Hi, ladies!

I'm entering five different photos of my 6 month old son Ducky, whose ability to make funny faces reduces me to snort laughter nearly every day!

Entry # 1:

I was taking Ducky's 6 month photos, and he decided he didn't want to have any pictures taken, so I got this shot of him furiously yelling at me! He was not very impressed when I started laughing, either...

Entry # 2:

I was lounging in the living room with Ducky on my lap, fooling around with the settings on my camera, when he gave me this look that just killed me!

Entry # 3:

Little Buddy was crawling around on the floor today, making me giggle with the expressions of determination on his face! Also, I love that the Mohawk I gave him after his bath this morning is still standing proud!

Entry # 4

I caught this awesome face yesterday... he thought me shaking my head was hilarious!

Entry # 5:

This was from a couple weeks ago, when D-man learned to blow bubbles. I love the spit bubble on his tongue!

Go to i heart faces to see more funny photos, or to enter your own! Go on, do it, it's really fun!


  1. Sometimes the oops pics are the best ones.

  2. Okay, the mohawk one... too adorable!!!


  3. LOVE #2! It's just so devilish in the cute baby way.

  4. I LOVE the one in the middle with the mohawk!

  5. They made me LAUGH. Great fun!

  6. I love the faces babies make! How great that you were able to catch some cute outtakes!!


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