Tuesday, March 9

It's already been done...

... but it was SUCH a fun day, I feel like we need our memories refreshed one more time.

Last Friday we (meaning my Mom, almost all of my brothers and sisters, most of my brothers in law, most of my nephews and nieces, T-man, Ducky and I..... I don't know the exact number, but it's a lot) went tobogganing! It was ridiculously fun.

Poor baby Wessy was sick with a cold. :(
Which he shared with Ducky. :(
(Well, it was either Wesley or Amelia or Hannah or someone at the grocery store who shared germs with Ducky.....)

My oldest nephew Justin, who is looking way too grown up.

It wasn't a very big hill, but it was big enough for fun sledding and small enough that the littles didn't get tired running up it after they slid down!

Trenton, who is also looking ridiculously grown up.

"Gold in your mouth, hat turned sideways, looking like a Fool with your--" you know the rest.
Justin has wicked awesome yellow braces. It looks like he's got a gold grill.

Emma, toughing it out dragging the biggest sled up the hill!

Quinnie was AWESOME! He was riding his snowboard like mad. I remember I tried using a snowboard once, and I fell on my face.

Poor Banana had a very runny nose and watery eyes. She wasn't upset though, and liked watching all the activity!

Granny got in on the action! Woo hoo!

Tyler was just a big kid! He has so much fun.

Awesome Quin, again...


Those are the best pictures that I got from that day. I say we should do it again, and if you are reading this and you are not related to me, go and get your family and go tobogganing! It is mucho fun and you will treasure the memories!


  1. I'm so glad you posted these!!

    You got some amazing, CLEAR pictures.

    It was sooo much fun.

    And watching Tyler with the kids was almost the best part.

  2. So much fun! :D

    I love the pictures you took at the top of the hill. I never climbed it, so it's cool to see that perspective! :)


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